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We are a print shop based in West Virginia with a selection of artists from around the country. Echoing the concept of flipping through records at a music shop, here one can enjoy sifting through over a thousand prints from around forty contributing artists. 


Storefront Origins

Starting the project in 2014, we began renovating our storefront. Putting in floors, fresh track lighting, painting the walls, and then building the shop counter - we slowly renovated and built the space out specific to our needs over years and the change is ongoing. It seems we always find something that we can change and make better, and it just goes on a list and eventually gets rethought.

Nestled into an old coal mining town called Thomas, WV it was built in the early 1900's by European immigrants, and as a result it has brick walls paired with the facades of traditional Italian building. We have several creative businesses on our street as well as other known and established points of interest near by, including national forest and state parks.

We started with a minimal selection of artists and honed in on more as the years went by. We represent both local Appalachian artists and more from all around the country. 


Morgan J. Smith, Founder
Alexa White-Rayborn, Manager
Stephen Willey, Artist In Residence
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