Go wild with all kinds of animal art prints! In a variety of styles from cute to creepy, detailed to simple, personified or in their natural habitat, these furry, feathery and scaly friends will add a touch of untamed energy to your space. We love animal artwork for its adaptability into any aesthetic. For the perfect cottagecore wall art see C.J. Sunny Yen’s harvest mice series, or for your gothic getaway consider Brian Serway’s creepy animal art prints.

Animals have been subjects of artwork since the days of cave paintings, and remain today as powerful means of symbolism (see Fennec Design) and of storytelling (see Jessica White). Today, artists are able to push the medium to help us see familiar friends in new ways (see Veronica Steiner) or teach us something new about a creature we may have otherwise overlooked (see Shapelessflame). Pair your animal art prints with plants to transform your home into a natural getaway, or combine native Appalachian species with something from our West Virginia collection. 

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