Landry McMeans


I design vibrant and colourful scenes of the Southwest and its native flora and fauna. My work is a simplistic and intentional extraction of layered colors and shapes that create a dimensional pop aesthetic. My mediums include hand-cut stencil prints, 3D cardboard relief, and screen prints.

The advantage that hand-cut stencil prints provide me is the ability to produce multiple original prints of a single design while keeping the integrity of original work. Each print has a hand printed quality and texture with inevitable unique nuances and an evolving color palette.   

A compliment to the stencil prints is my 3D cardboard relief work. Using the same design and stylistic themes, cardboard relief provides the addition of a truly multidimensional experience. I manipulate acid free cardboard and build it into a shadow box frame. The final result is a 3D textured rendition of these simplistic 2D stencil print designs that offer a more life-like and even psychedelic experience.


ig: landrymcmeans //

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