Emily Chow is a designer and illustrator from New York City who specializes in digital painting. She enjoys drawing fan art and exploring original concepts with a focus on fashion and floral elements.

Emily, also known as Celtis, is a partnered Twitch streamer who has been sharing her work on weekly art streams for the last three years. Her streams are popular for an abundance of frogs, spaghetti, and fun conversations.

Celtis has worked on promotional campaigns with companies such as AdoramaWacomBenQ, and Canon USA. For Anime NYC 2019, she was invited to create official artwork of their mascot Alice.

During the past year, Emily has been the figure artist for Lindsey Stirling’s comic Artemis, completing work on issues 3, 4, and 6. She was the cover artist on issue 3 of the series as well.

Ig: celtis_ // celtisart.com

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