Space Available For Lease


We are looking for someone who will sublet some space in our storefront as an office, studio, or co-working space! 


  • The space is roughly 10' x 13' and 130 square feet
  • You will have access to our shared bathroom, utility sink, and kitchen, equipped with a microwave, sink, dishwasher, stove, blender, refrigerator, first aid kit, etc..
  • The floors are concrete, and rarely but do sometimes get a little damp when it rains a lot. There is a dehumidifer that runs each night, which you will need to turn on and off. 
  • The space is completely unfurnished
  • Decisions will be made by Bloom who we will lease the space to. People who we know will be considered first. 
  • We will start with a three month lease, and will consider longer afterwards. Leases will never be longer than six months, and there should be no expectation of staying beyond lease terms. At any point, Bloom may need this space back and she won't continue leasing said space. 


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