Wish you were here! Whether mailed or not, postcards are the perfect way to collect artwork you love and remember your travels. We think postcard collecting (or deltiology) is the perfect start to an art collection because our postcards are first and foremost tiny works of art. Postcards are versatile, affordable, and nostalgic, and can both remind us of the past and preserve beloved memories for the future. 

Send a postcard from your West Virginia travels to your loved ones, or frame them as mini art prints to fill the tiniest nooks and crannies of your home. For a larger scale West Virginia work of art, see our West Virginia art print collection. Or, Explore imaginative, natural worlds with something from Sang Lam or Jessica Roux. When you’ve found just the right thing, know that our postcards ship flat in a firm cardboard sleeve and you’ll receive fast shipping with love from us. Signed, sealed, delivered!
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