Enamel Pins

Express yourself by wearing your favorite little art pieces. Our enamel pins feature original illustrations and high-shine finishes. They look great on a variety of different garments, including (but certainly not limited to) lanyards, sweaters, backpacks, tote bags, denim jackets and lapels of suits, jackets, and blazers. Using high quality materials, these pins will withstand the test of time.

Enamel Pins are collectable, wearable art. Accessorizing with one of Jessica Roux’s soft enamel pins will class up a suit or blazer lapel. Expressing your love of vintage tech with one of Suburban Avenger’s hard enamel pins on a denim shirt is perfect for looking cool on a casual night out. Or, not sure where you’d put a pin? Check out our sticker collection, which features some of the same beloved designs as our pins.

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