Nevada Tribble

I am an artist from Elkins, West Virginia working with a variety of fiber art and sculptural techniques.

My work is about hope, and how it is manifested in the past and present of my surroundings. I like to imagine memory as a residue that sticks to things, giving them a tangible and subjective history. When this history includes a lot of care, empathy, or positive interactions, these sentiments can become attached to an object or place and begin to echo into the present. In my work I capture the things that remind me to hope, the things with layered memories of what is good, and the moments that make up those memories.

I use a sewing machine as a drawing tool, moving my paper under the needle as I stitch to make marks with the thread. Sewing has been a part of my life for a long time as a practical skill. I like that it references that practicality as a drawing medium, alluding to the power to mend and alter. I also use handmade paper frequently in my work, both as a drawing surface and sculptural medium. I form wet sheets of freshly made paper around objects, capturing their shape as the paper dries. Once the paper is removed it becomes a hollow copy, a type of memory, of the object it was formed around.

I hope my work reminds you of places and people you hold dear, and of the hopeful things in life.

ig: nevada.wv //

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