Jacqueline Maloney

Jacqueline Maloney currently lives and works in the mountains of Western North Carolina, in a studio in her home.
She has cultivated deep curiosity about the natural world since her childhood, throughout which she lived close to the sea in Southern Maine.  This curiosity has become deep care and often concern.  It is this care that fuels the questions which unfold and augment her drawings and paintings. 
Through the exploration of form and growth patterns, she probes the seeds and limitations of natural law.  How do other beings grow and live?  How might humans find direction and meaning through patient attention to the wild world around us?  
These images ask about the role of the human as something of equal significance to every other being.  It begs us home, begs for belonging, by way of caring about how our lives touch and are touched by all other lives.  How have we strayed from, or broken sharply our sense of place?  How may we remember community as a network of human and non-human relationships that upholds the value of its every individual? 
This art is a pilgrimage to the edges; it is a song sung into the spaces of the other People, the ones to whom human people owe our living (furry, feathered, photosynthesizing, and ferrous).  It is an admission of ignorance and forgotten wisdom, and an appeal for an earthly education in how to live well here. 

 ig: jacquelinemaloneyart // jacquelinemaloneyart.com

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