6 Pieces of Wall Art We Love for Kids’ Rooms

Finding great wall art for kids can be a challenge. It has to be appropriate in subject matter, but still visually interesting, will ideally match (sometimes oddly specific) kid-approved color schemes, and you likely won't want to spend a fortune on something they'll just outgrow in a few years. This guide features alternative art prints that you can buy online that are cute, unique, and budget-friendly, so you won’t have to sort through pages of kids’ wall art that are cheesy, generic, or overpriced. Perfect for children from preschool to preteen, this can be a jumping off point in re-decorating kids’ rooms as they age, or a great gift guide for that special little one in your life. So let’s get into it, here are 6 of our favorite pieces of wall art for kids’ bedrooms and playrooms that the adults in their lives will love too. 


Option #1 for Kids Wall Art

Get Sharp From Graham Franciose

Size: 8”x10”

Price: $35

Artist: Graham Franciose

Why We Love This Piece for Kids Wall Art: Full of imagination but still grounded in the real world, this animal and nature art print is perfect for an outdoors themed room or a room designed with neutrals and pops of warm colors. To adults, Get Sharp evokes a nostalgic feeling of childhood wonder; of having all the time and not a care in the world. It reminds us of all the moments our imagination ran wild. Hanging this kid's art print will inspire your little girl or boy to play pretend, get outside, and to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, like climbing a tree or whittling a stick. 




Option #2 for Kids Wall Art

She Explores from Rosalie Haizlett 

Size: 11”x14”

Price: $30

Artist: Rosalie Haizlett

Why We Love This Piece for Kids Wall Art: Painted in watercolor, this kid's art print has a dreamlike quality that matches a calming, subdued color scheme beautifully. Yet, it’s versatile and could alternatively be styled in rooms that feature brighter pops of color because of the red "she explores" flag tucked into the wearer's backpack. She Explores is the perfect kid's art print if you're raising a little outdoorswoman, and we love that this piece serves as a reminder to inspire your little girl to get outside and see the world! It’s great for any kid with a budding love for travel, adventure, nature, and exploration.



Option #3 for Kids Wall Art

What Lies to the North from Eyes on Fire

 Size: 13”x19”

Price: $35

Artist: Eyes on Fire

Why We Love This Piece for Kids Wall Art: We love What Lies to the North for its versatility to fit into so many different spaces, from the subdued colorway to the subject matter that is both rustic and futuristic at the same time. This giant robot art piece encourages imagination and storytelling. Ask your kids to tell or write you a story set in this world–we know they’ll come up with something good! We also love that this piece doesn’t feel too juvenile and is beloved by a wide range of age groups, including older kids, teens and young adults. And maybe someday way down the line, this one has the potential to even travel with your kid to their college dorm room!





Option #4 for Kids Wall Art

Ghost Pipe from C.J. Sunny Yen

Size: 8”x10”

Price: $25

Artist: C.J. Sunny Yen

Why We Love This Piece for Kids Wall Art: The neutral colors and natural plants and animal represented in Ghost Pipe go great with many different current home decor trends, particularly the cottagecore aesthetic. The fairy tale style of this kid's art print is perfect for inspiring a young appreciation for fantasy--it looks like it came right out of a storybook. Animal and plant art is especially popular with kids. The ghost pipe is a fascinating plant found in forests across most of North America and it's an excellent subject for kids of all ages to learn about! Plus, the little mouse in clothes is just so cute.





Option #5 for Kids Wall Art

Max & Sam from Suburban Avenger

 Size: 12”x12”

Price: $25

Artist: Suburban Avenger

Why We Love This Piece for Kids Wall Art: Named after the artist’s two brothers, Max & Sam is a classic staple of childhood. Pop art is attractive to anyone who loves a retro aesthetic, but kids especially tend to enjoy the bright colors and simple lines. This kid's art print is a perfect fit for a bright, fun playroom, family room or kid’s bedroom. Depicting a popular, retro game that’s over 40 years old, adults can pass down their own fond memories of time spent playing with siblings and friends. This robot art print paired with a copy of the game makes a particularly great gift! 




Option #6 for Kids Wall Art

Guardian I from Lauren Lee

 Size: 8.5”x11”

Price: $32

Artist: Lauren Lee

Why We Love This Piece for Kids Wall Art: This art print is perfect for daring kids who never shy away from a wild adventure and the quiet dreamers alike. We love Guardian I for its intricate linework illustration and soft colors, but fierce and otherworldly imagery. These characters look like they jumped right out of an anime or fantasy story, which will keep your boy or girl inspired for the next great adventure. 




Bonus: Children's Books Illustrated by Jessica Roux 

A Natural History of Fairies and A Natural History of Magick

Price: $30 each

Illustrator: Jessica Roux

Why We Love It: Both A Natural History of Fairies and A Natural History of Magick are captivatingly written and beautifully illustrated. Though they're not directly wall art, even the covers are alluring enough to elevate a room simply by being arranged on a display bookshelf. The subjects of these two books spark a sense of wonder in both kids and adults alike. Learn alongside your children all about fairies that dwell in different habitats and magical spells and talismans, among the many other important facts and aspects of magick and fairies. These books are particularly great for confident early readers, but younger children will also enjoy the imagery and being read to, and can always grow into these beautiful, heirloom books. 


Honorable Mentions:

Paul Bunyan from Just A Jar
Drop in the Ocean from Haylee Morice
The Traveler from Eyes on Fire
Tiny Portrait (Wilfreda) from Amanda Blake
Wobbly Greg from Nicholas Pecoraro
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