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An original artwork from Thomas Wharton. 36x36 // oil on linen.

Comments on the painting from Wharton:

Many times I don’t know what attracts me to a pose until the painting is far along, and sometimes not until it has been finished. “Adam” is a painting like that. The unusual pose, which the model could only briefly hold, presented a wonderful concert of shapes and interesting challenges for painting, especially the abundance of foreshortening and difficult anatomical structures, like knees. I had finished the painting long before I had a title. In fact there were several titles, until I realized that he reminded me of what a butterfly must look like inside the chrysalis about to unfold into being. He became something of a metaphor for man (in the mankind sense) becoming, and so I named him after our cultural first man, Adam.


Original Artworks from “Courting Wonder” by Thomas Wharton will be shipped or available for pick-up on August 31, 2019. Please allow 1 business week from ship by date for delivery. Insured through shipping provider. 

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