paintings made with plant-based dye

Opening Reception: Nov 10, 2018, 630pm

Show Conclusion: Jan 13



I created this series of paintings by listening carefully to what my heart has asked me to make. I have aspired to be a good servant. I have not asked questions. I listen and I paint. This series of paintings is of the brave and beautiful women in my life whose portraits I have painted with plant dyes that I make from plants foraged in Appalachia. Black walnut ink, goldenrod, sumac and river water are among them. I've incorporated Cliff Swallows who give me so much delight. The Cliff Swallows live under the bridge that crosses over the French Broad River where I frequent. They swarm and swoop by the hundreds so that if you stand in the middle of the bridge and look down, you will see them flying around right below your feet. Perhaps the women in my life and these Cliff Swallows are sending me the same message. Be free, be wild, remain playful and fly!