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An original artwork from Thomas Wharton. 36x36 // oil on linen.

Comments on the painting from Wharton:

In working with this image, the ancient Greek hero god Orion kept coming to my mind. Orion, in literature and legend, was a warrior giant who in the Odyssey hunts beasts with a bronze club.  When he is killed by the sting of a scorpion, the goddess Artemis, has him placed in the heavens as a constellation, a fitting tribute for a hero. What made this interesting for me as a painter, was the challenge of showing a body that would be capable of heroic deeds. So, in working with the model, I aimed for a pose that represented extreme exertion, which is shown in the stretch of his torso, the obvious rib cage, and the flushed color in his neck and face. 


Original Artworks from “Courting Wonder” by Thomas Wharton will be shipped or available for pick-up on August 31, 2019. Please allow 1 business week from ship by date for delivery. Insured through shipping provider.  

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