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In The Presence

In The Presence

Thomas Wharton

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An original artwork from Thomas Wharton. 44x36 // oil on linen.

Comments on the painting from Wharton:

Whatever a person’s beliefs are, whether along lines traditionally considered sacred or secular, there are times when everyone experiences a freedom from their daily concerns, where they feel light and connected to the world in a way that is both expansive and centered. It comes in familiar forms, like the awe you experience in a place of stunning, natural beauty. But can also come in the quiet of your home, when you can be suddenly filled with a sense of rightness and calm, something similar to being bathed in light. For me, the man in this painting is experiencing a moment like that. I varied the final image from the reference to accentuate this, by opening his mouth, moving his shoulders forward, and creating a sense that he was taking in a breath. Placing him far left of center creates the feeling that he has turned his back on darkness and is facing into the light, savoring an experience that only happens in the present moment.


Original Artworks from “Courting Wonder” by Thomas Wharton will be shipped or available for pick-up on August 31, 2019. Please allow 1 business week from ship by date for delivery. Insured through shipping provider. 

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