Allegheny Mountains, WV
Allegheny Mountains, WV
Product image 1Allegheny Mountains, WV
Product image 2Allegheny Mountains, WV

Allegheny Mountains, WV

Octavia Spriggs

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Postcard of Octavia’s watercolor painting of the Allegheny Mountain range that runs through West Virginia. The original painting was based off of a photo she took along the road to Snowshoe Mountain. 

Octavia is a graphic designer/marketer by day and painter in the in-between based in Morgantown, West Virginia.

Octavia’s love for the outdoors provides inspiration and lends itself to the subjects of her paintings. She often bases paintings off of photos she has taken herself while hiking. She is drawn to scenes with interesting light or cloud/fog conditions. She is also interested in history and the relationship between a specific place and the passage of time.  

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