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Interested in us carrying your work? Here is everything you need to know.



  • Bloom is curated by a group of people and each submission is reviewed them. Decisions are made by a majority vote. 
  • We have very limited space and this influences our decisions. We have a very specific style and aesthetic. For these reasons among others, very few artists who apply are accepted. Though it doesn't hurt to ask!
  • At this time the only product that we can entertain carrying is art prints or in some situations original artwork. We really love when artists send us standard sized prints so that we can offer our pre made frames for customers. 
  • We predominantly deal in consignment and have several brackets of percentages. Most contributors are able to fit in our 60/40 bracket with 60% of sales paid to each artist. Paychecks show up like clockwork in the first week of each month. 
  • We are probably the most organized art print shop in the world. No joke. Our artists get a fully detailed inventory report each month.
  • We sell thousands of prints each month, we're open every day, and artists generally are surprised by how much business we do. Leave your Appalachia prejudices at the door or look elsewhere.

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