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Interested in us carrying your work? Here is everything you need to know.


  • Thank you for your interest! We are sincerely flattered that you would like us to represent your work.
  • Bloom is curated by a group and contributing artists are chosen by majority vote.
  • We have limited space and this influences our decisions as well as a very specific aesthetic. For these reasons among others few artists who apply are accepted. Out of one hundred submissions, one may be accepted.
  • The only product that we entertain carrying are art prints, stickers, or sometimes pins and postcards. If you do not have prints or stickers, it may be best to look elsewhere. Note that we are not an art gallery - we are a retail shop. 
  • We like when we see an online shop with physical products, etsy, or other commerce platform as this informs us that you already have physical products in circulation. Other attributes that we look for in an artists online presence are cohesive subject matters and mediums, similar price ranges to that of our products, content that is appreciated by wide audiences, and thorough + prompt communication.
  • Bloom predominantly deals in consignment, but will sometimes take on wholesale accounts. Paychecks show up like clockwork in the first week of each month for consignment.
  • We pride ourselves on both organization and communication. Our artists get a fully detailed inventory report each month.
  • We sell thousands of prints each month, our storefront is open every day, and artists generally are surprised by how much business we do. We regularly get reports back from our artists that we are their best selling shop. Leave your Appalachia prejudices at the door or look elsewhere.
  • Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we only respond to submissions that are accepted. If you do not hear back in one weeks time, please note that we weren't able to accept you as a contributing artist.
  • We often like the work of the submissions that aren't accepted, but have many factors to consider, and a series of boxes to check for an artist to be accepted. You can reapply to thosewhobloom in the years to come, and we encourage you to do so.

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