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Opening Reception - Sympathetic Magic // Amanda Blake


Hi all!

We have so much changing to our space it's hard to know where to start. But as usual I would like to introduce our next show. Amanda Blake lives and works out of Morgantown, just a little northwest of us. We have carried her prints for almost exactly one year, and many of you have picked them up. In fact, it was one year ago that her and I first sat and talked as she came to personally see the gallery and meet with me about working together. And it was then that I asked her to be our ArtSpring Festival show in 2019.

Amanda combines her portraits with a lot of earth-based elements and fantasy material which I think many easily relate to, but the thing that really grabbed my interest about her work was the paintings coupled with her titles. Fascinatingly Blake does the opposite of what most painters do, she has days where she writes titles and let's that inspire her subject matter. That’s right, she titles her pieces first and then creates the painting based on it. From there she will use vintage photographs as references. Her following has grown so much that we simply couldn't carry her originals easily, because she sells so much work through her online audience. What we are able to achieve in this exhibition is give her the necessary space to create large pieces, when she usually makes small originals.

Amanda’s Opening Reception falls on one the most exciting time of the year for us. For one, it’s Artspring Festival 2019 – the most celebratory weekend of the year for the arts in Tucker County. There is live music around the county, several art openings and other great events. Secondly the ongoing Thomas Art Walk is on Saturday night, always an electric time to have an evening out. And lastly and perhaps most important for us as a business, it’s our five-year anniversary! All of this falls on Memorial Day Weekend.


Nellie has worked as an artist collaborator at Lamplight for four years. During that time, we’ve seen her style change and grow into something unique and widely appreciated by most anyone who stopped in our store as well as her returning customers. We’re privileged to have represented her for so long, but it’s time that Nellie sets off and opens her own retail location! See her new space during ArtSpring Festival 2019 just down the road from us. We wish her the best with her new venture!


Tiny Llama collaborated with us this past year and the community widely accepted having a type of product that we’ve seldom seen in Tucker County. Our space acted as an easy start for her and she greatly helped us by keeping our shop open to the public. She was such a great addition, and we’re thrilled that she will also be opening her own location right next to NellieRose. Check it out during ArtSpring!


Rosalia Haizlett has joined our team! She moved here about a month ago and has helped me with a lot of behind the scenes with Lamplight. Her work is watercolor and illustration, and everyone will sure enjoy her vibrant works heavily influenced by the natural enviroment. During her residency, she will be creating a body of original artworks that we will present in a solo exhibition we think in January 2020. Check out her new display at this event as well.

• • • • • 

Lastly I want to tell you that we have a slew of new product coming in, new artists that we are adding to our print tables, and many exciting changes. They will all unveil in the coming weeks and especially at ArtSpring. Our space is going to look and feel completely different! Hope to see you all at the Five Year Anniversary – drinks on us!