What is an Artist Collaborator?

An Artist Collaborator is a person who gets to be featured at Lamplight Gallery. We give you a section of our retail space, help curate your display, and promote your creative identity in exchange for your contribution of helping run the gallery. The collaborator opens the gallery, mans the register, and represents every artist and maker in the space. 

The typical artist who is represented by Lamplight is paid between 50% and 60% of sales. A collaborator makes 75% of their sales in exchange for their volunteering. We’ve found that the connection between you and the customer will get them more interested in what you do and lead to an increased amount of sales. And this isn’t to be taken lightly, many creatives have filled this position and made no small amount of income by way of their representation.

What is in the job description? 

The person who fills this role operates the gallery six shifts per month, each shift being between five and seven hours. You are to tidy up your colleague’s displays and talk to people coming in the door while giving them a positive experience. That’s it. Other than that you can read books, dream dreams, work on a computer, and fill your time however you see fit. We don’t have employees – we have entrepreneurs who are working on making a living from their creations, all the while promoting other artists and their careers. You represent yourself and others, and the other collaborators do likewise – we all gain together.



We’re aiming to have a 1 year contract from April 1,2019 - March 31, 2020, though this is be flexible where necessary. The person who works with us will train three to four days in April and then be on the schedule in May.

About Thomas and Tucker County

If you don’t already know about why it’s amazing to live in Tucker County and Thomas, WV, let’s get you up to speed. Tucker County is 70% public land. We have Black Water Falls State Park, Otter Creek Wilderness, Dolly Sods, and more right around us - all of which are highly inspiring. Thomas, WV features five contemporary focused galleries and many artists and makers working on their career. We have an amazing coffeeshop and music venue among more unique businesses that add to the vibe. Thomas is properly small town West Virginia and has a population of about 600 residents, but is heavy trafficked by tourists from all around. We are remote, yet have a steady flow of people looking for a unique experience.

Here are the facts:

  • Call to contemporary printmakers, painters, clothing designers, leatherworkers, ceramic artists, illustrators, graphic designers, sculptors, and other creative entrepreneurs.

  • Lamplight is highly curated and our artist collaborators will have a contemporary style of work that is congruent with it.

  • This is a one-year program, beginning in April, 2019.

  • You will have the ability to take necessary vacation time periodically.

  • If you already work as a full-time artist or maker, this is really low-key and will only improve your income.

  • If you need additional income, Tucker County has many available jobs. This position allows for you to pick up other work.

  • You must have product that you can either create or already have that can make up your income.

  • You’ll have 25% consignment percentage taken out of your product sold.

  • We do not discriminate against race, religion, sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability. Lamplight welcomes all backgrounds and facilitates a safe and encouraging space for all.

Use the form below to tell us who you are and why this person may be you! If you are someone who we think is a good fit, we’ll let you know.

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