Starting the project in early 2014, we began renovating our storefront. Putting in floors, fresh track lighting, painting the walls, and then building the shop counter - we slowly built the space out specific to our needs. Bloom is nestled into an old coal mining town called Thomas, WV. Our town was built in the early 1900's predominantly by European immigrants, and so it has these gorgeous bones of brick walls paired with the facades of traditional Italian building. 

We started with a really minimal selection of artists and makers and slowly added more. We found ourselves starting to host solo exhibitions in 2015. 

Bloom is a contemporary mix of printmakers, painters, and clothing designers. Our solo exhibitions number at about six per year currently. We invite you to come to our town and enjoy our space as well as the numerous other galleries in Thomas!



Bloom is the brain child of Morgan J. Smith. Starting in May of 2014, Bloom has assisted the careers of more than 50 creatives. The shop’s focus is to assist both emerging and established artists and makers. 


Morgan J. Smith, Founder & Curator

Rosalie Haizlett, Artist In Residence

Alexa White, Team Member

Jen Iskow, Artist Collaborator